Saturday, July 12, 2008

It hurts..

It hurts,
I feel like I've lost something precious
feels like she'll never come back
As another night sky falls
It all feels like wasted time

why others have it so easy
Their delightful bliss of profound ignorance
They fear not the judgment of their own pain
With impunity, they flaunt the gifts of Fate

I sit here and wonder
Why i lost her?
And if she'll ever come back?
Another dawn kisses the sky
Why do I keep wasting so much time?

There's not much left to say
One step has been taken &
Two left behind


  1. hey mate i believe if its meant to be u will have her in anwyays, or else choose the good times u spend with her n cherish em ;)

  2. it's been 6 months and there hasn't been a single day when i haven't missed her.
    I know you are so right in saying this but it's been totally out of control.I cherish every moment she spent with me.These moments have kept me sane.

    Thanx for Coming've been blogrolled.

  3. mate time is a give it some sure everything will work out in d best of yur interest.

    n thanks fr blogrolling me

  4. I know ...there's nothing else that i can do other then having patience.

  5. "As another night sky falls
    It all feels like wasted time"

    i know that feeling and it's very frustrating. it's that wanting to do so much but you can't, being stuck in one place.

  6. @ noelia ~

    yep stuck is d word..

    thanx for stopping by


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