Monday, June 30, 2008

The call

Cell in his hand,
just pressed the keys
Will you pick up?
I've got a thousand questions
All on my time and dime

"Do you want to run away?
Do you want to see the world?
How about an hour with me?
Or a walk in the rain?"

Cell in his hand,
Waiting for the nerve
Things get so quiet 'round here now
miles away
Someone whispers your name...

"Have you ever seen the sea?
What about those stars in the sky?
Ever climb a tall tree?"

The line is ringing now
Choking down the excitement
Fighting back the fear

I can't remember the sound of her voice
Now it'll be so silly and small
I still remember the scent on the air
As she passed by and by
Things get so quiet 'round here now
I wanted to kiss you when you cried...

Impatient buzzing
A ring, a pause
Greets this tired heart
A smile

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