Friday, June 6, 2008

Gobbled by Cryptography..

Got late in reaching the examination room.As soon as i read Question paper,at first i wanted get up and start screaming but, i coudn't move i felt like i wuz pariliyzed . finally i started writing in my answer sheet but the hand was just not moving fast enough on the sheet ,i tried but the answers would just not come ..but i carried on writing anything related to question i knew for half an hour or so and then it started again... a few pauses...then i couldn't stand it ! i wanted to get out so bad but i couldn't i had to stay in examination room till 1:oo ( thats when the examination was ova).
so thanx 4 reading i had to let my feelings out on the fact this just happened last day!And i am totally disappointed with myself !Cryptography exam went so bad..though i am calm. Kinda like the calm before the storm. So, this is the worst I’ve ever felt after giving an exam and this was most definitely the worst thrusday of my life. I'm just still in shock that I went through this, I'm actually angry at myself.
I am not going to pass this one i think...and miracles don't exist in ma dictionary.
How could i do good in exams when 97% of my brain is devoted to global domination… I purge all irrelevant information to make room for the important stuff… like how to breath and such. Unfortunately, this means there’s no room for anything else in my head.


I haven't asked you for your compliments or pity .
If you have read and understood the post and have something to say.Be my guest.