Sunday, June 22, 2008

'Maine Pyar Kiya'

Got this movie from a friend a week back and now i know what i did miss.I have watched this movie thrice in 2 days now.Maine Pyar Kiya is a surprisingly sweet romance.
This is one of the Best Films of all time. It won several awards including Best Film of the year. Directed by Sooraj Barjatya, the film has old-fashioned values which adds to to its charm, although there is an overdose of melodrama towards the end. The first half is excellent as it painstakingly depicts a blossoming romance between Prem (Salman) and Suman (Bhagyashree). Bhagyashree gives a 'to die for' performance as a naive but sweet, well mannered girl; while Salman (in one of his early film appearances) is charming without any of the macho posturing he developed later in his career. The two share some great chemistry.The sweet and clean chemistry of the lead stars make us wonder that what has gone wrong with the youngsters today that the word romance and love is more about sex that the sweetness this very emotion has.I am in love with Bhagyashree character.

The presence of melodious musical numbers ("Dil Deewana", "Kabutar Ja", "Aaja Shaam Hone" and mine favourite .."Mere RAng mein Rangne waali") make this an excellent date movie. There is also an extended musical 'antakshri' with many evergreen Hindi film songs making an appearance.It is an absolute family entertainer not to be missed.

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