Friday, June 27, 2008


rolling over roaming through this land inside my head,
reviewing all the shame within shit that they’ve once said
i plan to take my time and analyze them one by one wondering,
all the while, in which direction i should run
sick from wine and time and fake friends and one-sided love
desperate to break away

Someday i'll be on a bus listening to head phones and just trying to get out of whatever hell i've let loose around me that same old song will come on and i can cry.

Song would be
"Aapki nazron ne samjha pyar ke kaabil mujhe"


  1. i love that song too..
    why so much sadness?

  2. trying to embrace it..that's y.

  3. This deep grief make us all better, more pure, simpler, lovelier; though it isn't needed. There's no point for this grief, it just happens, as love, just happens, doesn't have a reason, if it would have a reason, would be unclean.
    People love better with the years, after grieving and mourning the death of love for a hellish abyss of time.
    Doesn't have any sense, and would be worse if it have any.

  4. @ runnerfrog
    you are absolutely right m8.But it just happening this way.It will be over in time.


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