Thursday, June 19, 2008

religions..the illusion creators

I am an Atheist and i am proud of it.I don't understand why people still believe in God,Satan,myths etc. why would you still believe these stories written in book by some dark ages uneducated man.You should Keep questioning what you are being told,what you know off -as everything that you know today,you either read it in classes or it runs in your culture..i.e. everything has been fed to you.From your childhood you are brainwashed into believing what your parents believe in-- the god, religion,etc.They have weaved a web of lies,stories,and fear around your consciousness...y is it that whenever you are in trouble u seek god,ask yourself if their was anything like God and he's so gr8 ..(whatever)... Why are you not happy with your life,Who will cure cancer --God?? no..some scientist will !! Now why does he hide ?? Is God scared ?? scared of what...humans?? but you've been told he's the all-mighty

i know your brain can't accept this..u might think of me as a retard but the truth is you just can't accept it as your whole life you have believed illusion and you are still living in it.Instead of watching all those serials about God,astrology, try to read some books ,spend time in library,enlighten yourself.Remember the house you live in,the electricity,this freedom,cars,computers,mobiles, are were made by man.Your God gave you was the scientists because of whom you are living the life the way you are.These are not the dark ages remember...when
religions were made to be able to control people and remain in power.Look around man.. you are still holding on to those beliefs of stone age, truth is everywhere open your eyes let the light in.
you were told that visit temple everyday,don't eat egg,meat that you can go to heaven.My dear as anybody ever gone and come back from heaven...if not..then how do you know??You are living your life in this illusion.WTF...don't u have a brain...??Come on it..make something out of your life...enjoy it..have everything that it offers to you.
Write a book.Publish an article.Develop a web site.Leave money to organizations that further develops science and education.Nothing has been planned for you..their is no destiny..the choice is always yours.
want to worship something then worship reason.

You know that many religions preach that they are against killing but...they also say that killing for god is divine and you'll get special treatment in afterlife.Tell me you believe this too...
I do not believe in afterlife and reincarnation but i do believe in cryonics(Google it) .And my advice to you is that live your life to fullest..try to break the rules for a single day you'll feel what you've been missing.Do not harm anyone ever...self-defense is another matter.
Religious Gurus are well funded and well organized and they still spread lies and myths,make you believe what will give them power.They target impressionable minds and moms and dads unknowingly become their adversaries.
To Enlighten everyone ..we must keep on spreading the donate money to scientific research institutes attend seminars help in anyways you can.

Their is no moral authority greater then man.
reject racism,loathe superstition,strive to improve human civilization.


  1. food for thought, thats what you have written... :)
    i do believe in god, but i admire you, for the strength you have in not believing in norms...

    i agree, however, that we are made to think this or that. tell me, don't we all do / think majorly beacuse of how we have been conditioned?

    a little guy is slapped by someone and, if noone has ever told him that this is an insult, he wont know, willl he? he will be hurt, ofcourse, but i doubt if he'll be ashamed and have a feeling of slapping the other boy.

    pure, unconditioned feelings, reason... if only we had that..

  2. well i have similar thinking, though i would not cal myself atheist... i'd prefer the term agnostic..

    i believe there is something more to the universe than that meets the eye... for example, if the atomic mass of hydrogen would have been ever so slightly different, the universe would not have evolved the way it has and thus there would be no me or you asking intelligent questions and putting reason on the high pedestal that we do...

    and one more reason for having the concept of god is that it gives hope to people... i believe it is hope that drives the world.. not love... not reason.. just the hope that tomorrow will be a good day... even the most pessimistic of us does have hope in the heart of hearts... because if there was no hope, then there would be no reason to live... and a concept like god is the best way of giving hope to people... because when we think we are at our wits' end, we do feel the need of someone omnipresent, all powerful who can help us overcome all problems...

    god and religion also provide a disciplinary structure to the society... most people do not steal because they know it is wrong to, not because of the fear of law.. who says it is wrong? religion says... so religion does lay down some code of conduct for the individual which if followed will make him a better citizen of the society...

    and the things that you have quoted, like do not eat meat or egg because that places us at the end of the food chain, which is the least profitable position.. similarly for liquor too...

    my final word is- it is easy to blame someone else for the ills, but it is indeed difficult to come up and own up to our own share of the blame.. if someone else propagates lies, hatred, mistrust, why do we need to follow him? why can we not preach the correct things?? it is high time we owned up to our share of responsibility... in the casting of the serial spiderman, there is a line which says "With great power comes great responsibility." i believe with great responsibility comes great power, too...

  3. @ rishi
    so you say that...people who don't believe in god/religion have no hope.Well, for starters i don't feel hopeless ,although me too like all go through ups and downs in life.My hope lies in knowledge and science.Keeping on learning new things and the evolution of humans.The idea that someone else controls your life is so ridiculous.It takes the ball out of your hand and people usually say when they are in trouble that God is testing us..wake up..and you say God gives hope...tell that to children who lost their parents in natural disasters..religions say that God controls everything every breath i take, the air, the trees the wind,rivers,seas,storms -right?
    So bro if there is anything like God he/she is the biggest murderer of all time.I have seen many people in my life who are followers and are more troubled then me today.As i said before...Choices make your life m8 not destiny.

    You might say that believing in god gives you peace of mind.There are other ways like doing something you really care about ex. loving your family.
    i don't need meditation or morning prayer or a visit to temple.A simple 90 minutes workout in Gym is the most peaceful thing that i know off and believe me i have tried all the things you might think off.
    The problem is is people just don't ask questions they just believe whatever they are told.
    There is nothing -- nothing -- that religion has that cannot be found apart from religion, that is, without religion. This includes the good things and the bad things:the scare of biochemical attack is as terrifying as the idea of hell.If you can find something -- anything -- that can be had only with religion, something that is so easily verified that we both can agree that it exists, then I will agree to change my opinion on this matter.We must simply figure out what we want and go out and get it! If it costs money, spend it; if it requires hard work or sacrifice, bend down or bend over. Do what you think it takes to do what you think you want to do and be willing to pay the price.Moreover, I believe a person should be respected, regardless of the religion he or she chooses.

  4. well i am not against reason.. you take my comment in a more extreme way...
    i never said that for people who do not believe in god there is no hope... i just meant that those who are not enlightened as you need some straw to clutch at, when they are down and out.. and god/religion provides that straw...

    i never say that there is a god who controls everything... religions say so, because of the very basic reason that to reassure someone with the thought that a god is there holding hope for that person, that god has to be powerful..

    not everyone thinks alike.. you find your peace in a workout... i find my peace in penning down my thoughts.. similarly, some people find their peace in god.. what's the harm there, mate??

    about the idea of a biochemical attack being scary as that of hell, i believe you are right... in fact it is scarier.. but then, who would carry out a biochemical attack on a person who is doing something wrong?? in religion, god will doom that person to hell...

    and trust me bro, no religion preaches a disdain for people from other religions.. it is just a few misguided zealots who create this impression...

    as i told you in my last comment, i am agnostic.. that is because i believe there is some supernatural power... call it god or whatever you may... for how else do you explain people being buried in debris of an earthquake for days on end and still being alive.. how do you explain a child being born in the loo of a moving train, falling through the drain and still being recovered alive... just think it over...

  5. who says there's no harm bro...
    you ask anyone what's the cause the riots..what would they say..huh..??
    politicians..? lol...and what's the main weapon for them...again the God --the want world peace then kick the religions away and provide a system somewhat like the one provided in schools ...nobody is treated unequal,no religion classes there ... there ..still that system works.There are no riots in school Who the fuck needs religion don't man..the thing you need is believing in yourself.That's the most powerful feel you'll ever have.

    People who believe in God also believe in other things like caste, gender,upper-caste,low-caste, ...and these are points that i am trying to make can you differentiate me from you bro? Most of the people i meet after formalities ask what caste are you? I mean WTF man..Does my caste makes me what i am?Even if you don't think that way..majority of people are not like you bro...and dude don't you try to defend them that makes you one of them too.

    An yaa about God sending to hell...
    when i last checked ..acc. to any religion you can get to hell once you die..agreed na??
    Tell me eveyone dies then who told that story..huh...Dude how can you believe in what some person (i should say an writer)wrote some 12000 years ago...
    Believing there's no God stops me from being solipsistic. I can read ideas from all different people from all different cultures. Without God, we can agree on reality, and I can keep learning where I'm wrong. We can all keep adjusting, so we can really communicate. I don't travel in circles where people say, "I have faith, I believe this in my heart and nothing you can say or do can shake my faith." That's just a long-winded religious way to say, "shut up,".Believing there is no God means the suffering I've seen in my family, and indeed all the suffering in the world, isn't caused by an omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent force that isn't bothered to help or is just testing us, but rather something we all may be able to help others with in the future. No God means the possibility of less suffering in the future.

    Believing there is no God gives me more room for belief in family, people, love, truth, beauty, Jell-O and all the other things I can prove and that make this life the best one could have.

    Cheers mate.

  6. A very well written piece!

    I agree that man has come a long way thanks to his brain and will.Religions were made by man,and fanatics just soil the name of their religion by misusing it.I am not religious though I believe in God.One could make better use of their time and resources.Still,it is an individual perspective.As long as we co-exist in harmony,that is what matters.

    The mention about cryonics got me thinking wistfully..

  7. thanks for reading this...thanx a ton!

    cryonics is d future will happen by 2050.We all would be here.


  8. Well buddy I *almost* agree to your post but god isn't all about this. To me His existence is matter of faith and faith can move mountains. I don't go to temple, don't say some daily prayer or anything such,,, but I do good to myself and the rest of His creations not thinking that He'll be impressed but that He'll not have anything against me. And if He exists as some super power He will never have reasons to make my way tougher.
    For my post, I just want our nation to be one...corruption, unemployement or poverty aren't what I was talking about...I want a place with love!
    that's it!!!!

  9. ...we're civilized now aren't we?

    don't you have faith in yourself??
    that's what you should have.That's the biggest favor u'll ever do for urself.

    see i have said this before...that i don't believe in god but i know the diff. b/w the right and the wrong.

    our it.
    Till the time people keep believing in religions it will never change..ppl here are manipulated on these basis and they want to be.Education can reduce poverty but i don't think i see it happening by 3000.

    anyways tc. peace

  10. OH MY GOD!!!!
    I dont even know what to say and what not to!!!! Its like my whole inner soul and the entire universe I hold on to has been shattered....How can anyone be so Non-Believing?

    Even if you dont believe in God or a superpower looking down for can you just not believe in urself....ur soul?

    Yes, you say that cancer will be cured by scientits and not by God....I say....who gives the energy to a cancer patient to linger on while the scientists research for a remedy to cure cancer????

    At the end of the day, it is ur personal choice what you want to believe in....but anything you believe in can be questioned believe what has been proved....but there are so many things that were first proved and then unproved!!!! How about the 9 planents many planets are there in real now? And yes....the atom being the tiniest particle....where did the electron and protons emerge from? These are all theories which were 1st proved....and then disproved....and proved wrong!!!! Think about it....proving isnt everything....what matters most is the way you feel about things that are around you....your perception matters the most....and your perception definately affects all around you!!!!

    I donot want you to believe in miracles or God or Luck or any such thing....but all I want you to think about is the possibility of their existance....just like all the other proofs you believe in!!!!
    All The Best!

  11. who gives the energy to a cancer patient to linger on..hmmmmm
    if thats god then take that patient out of hospital...there's no need for any doctors then.

    hehe..u playing school games now...
    u simply don't understand we research and we prove ...we deny something that we earlier proved coz we knew less at that time but we keep on updating ourselves.
    9 planets theory more powerful telescopes will be built more truth will appear.U making silly points here man.
    so u don't even know that electrons have been broken too...all this is the part of finding least we guys are doing something.You should appreciate that.

    REad on...

    The point of beliefs may well be to give you hope - that does not mean that what you believe is true.

    It is obvious that just because I havent seen something with my own eyes it may still exist. But it would be silly to believe in something extra ordinary without strong evidence to do so.

    I wonder whether there is or was life on Mars, but I do not know and will not be convinced until there is strong evidence to support it.
    One of Einstein's letters was auctioned a week or so ago for a small fortune in which he described his view of Christianity - in a nutshell he thought it was baloney.

    If the point of religion is faith then the highest possible belief you could have would be for the thing that has the least evidence, the smallest set of reasons to believe in it.
    So its Mysterious indeed..that is why people study physics. Religion has never made any progress in understanding such things.
    Physics does not claim to explain everything. But it does explain many things.

    God does not explain anything. If you encounter a mystery, or question that you cannot answer, and you say 'this is God' then you have not explained anything, you have simply replaced one question, 'why am i here', with another 'why is god there'.

    are you simply saying that 'God' is just the category of things we cant explain yet? If God is more than this, then you need to explain what God is before you can claim he exists. And then once you have explained what God is, you need to show why you think he exists. It is not enough to say 'he must exist because we dont understand everything'. You may as well say 'unicorns exist because we cant explain everything'

    Here is a brief excerpt from the letter Einstein wrote that was auctioned a few weeks ago:

    Einstein penned the letter on January 3 1954 to the philosopher Eric Gutkind who had sent him a copy of his book Choose Life: The Biblical Call to Revolt. The letter went on public sale a year later and has remained in private hands ever since.

    In the letter, he states: "The word god is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honourable, but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish. No interpretation no matter how subtle can (for me) change this."

    Einstein, who was Jewish and who declined an offer to be the state of Israel's second president, also rejected the idea that the Jews are God's favoured people.

    "For me the Jewish religion like all others is an incarnation of the most childish superstitions. And the Jewish people to whom I gladly belong and with whose mentality I have a deep affinity have no different quality for me than all other people. As far as my experience goes, they are no better than other human groups, although they are protected from the worst cancers by a lack of power. Otherwise I cannot see anything 'chosen' about them."

    God and all that goes along with it was simply created as years and years ago we needed to know the answers to the above. Science wasn't as advanced back then. Fantastic story really, but science has since proven how it all started and even pin-pointed where humans first evolved. So all this god created everything is just fiction now. And the churches are just fantastic money making business gathering up the vunerable and the gullable.

    Any to not accept someone to hevan because they don't believe would just be cruel. Naturally people question things. If 'god' and jesus was so smart and powerful he'd prove himself and would save alot of lives from going to 'hell'. What a cruel arse dude to not accept decent people just because they follow their instincts and question whats real and whats not!

    Science also leaves many questions unanswered, and when we discover something it often raises a host of other questions. This is a fact of life, but it does not imply that there is a god, it just means we dont know everything.

    It would take great faith to believe in fairies. Do you believe in fairies?

  12. Ok, so I am back....and in full swing too....I appologise for the delay though....I had to research my answer thorogly....and had to give you something really stron to fall back on!!!!

    Ok, so let's start:
    You say science is the ultimate thing....Let me give you a few more examples of where it is flawed, and the things which exist without no reason:

    Though the reality of time, especially in the form of its effect on us is undeniable, time is one among the many fundamental truths of life that defy scientific definition. Be that as it may, we measure time by the movement of the cosmic bodies. As per current scientific understanding, one year is the time in which the earth completes one revolution around the sun. For an object orbiting continuously in a circular path, no point on the orbit can be considered special. So scientifically there’s nothing “New” when we celebrate the New Year; the earth is going to continue in its same old path! Moreover no one can see, feel, smell, taste and hear TIME i.e. we cannot perceive time with our senses, yet no one can deny its existence.

    2) Mathematicians throughout the world work with an imaginary number, which is the square root of minus 1.Important branches of mathematics –for example, the theory of analytical function –, are based on this imaginary unit. Without the help of this branch of mathematics, various complex theories and problems cannot be solved. Thus the existence of this number cannot be denied, yet there is no experimental proof of its existence.

    3) Another scientific theory that is beyond the limit of experimental science is
    Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle .In mathematical language, it is stated that the product of the uncertainties in the measured values of the position and momentum (product of mass and velocity) cannot be smaller than Plank’s constant. No existing experimental technique can prove this principle. However, scientists all over the world accept this statement as fact, knowing that the experimental proof is beyond their ability.

    4) Similarly there is no scientific experiment to prove the Third Law Of Thermodynamics. This law as formulated by Planck, states that the entropy of a perfect crystal at absolute zero degrees is equal to zero. Factually there is no means available for measuring directly the absolute entropies. Therefore the proof of this law is beyond the realm of experimental science.

    And now....The last thing....PROOF OF GOD’S EXISTENCE. Here it is:

    Sir Isaac Newton had a small scale model of solar system which was placed on a table in his room .The model was perfectly designed and
    Everything rotated and orbited when a crank was turned. When one of his friend show it he immediately inquired about the artisan who had made it so beautiful. Newton with all seriousness replied, the previous night some explosion took place in my house
    And this solar system was formed. The friend was not at all amused. Finally Newton explained,” You refuse to believe that this puny contraption came about by chance and yet you are convinced that the great original, the actual solar system, of which this mechanism is only a model has come into being without either a designer or a maker. Now tell me, by what sort of reasoning do you reach such an absurd conclusion.

    Everything we use has a designer. Someone designed a pen, a wristwatch or the china wall –all; they never popped up by chance.

    Several trains, aeroplanes move in a well-coordinated manner and reach their destination without any difficulty –all these are possible because of well-coordinated controlling system.
    The giant sequoia tree develop and grows over 300 feet high with a diameter of unto 36feet from a tiny seed which is not bigger than the size of a pinhead.

    Obviously all these things are happening as per the laws of nature, but can there be any law without a lawmaker? The very presence of a law implies the presence of a lawmaker who imposes the law. Even a simple road sign that regulates traffic has an originator and a controller. What then of the great comprehensive laws that governs this entire universe? Such brilliantly conceived laws surely bear witness to a brilliant lawmaker.
    As Srila Prabhupad the founder Acharya of International Society Of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) would say that any human being with a little common sense can understand the presence GOD!

  13. thank you so much gagan g

    have said it before and saying it again...Sometimes I too wonder where such things as time comes from. There are many things modern science does not explain. This is not evidence for God, it is evidence that we dont know everything.
    The human race may well not have enough intelligence to understand everything. This would not be evidence that there is a greater intelligence somewhere, or indeed a creator.

    The word 'theory' is used differently in science than in everyday use. This is often exploited cynically by creationists in an effort to win debating points.

    The everyday meaning of 'theory' is as you say an idea that is not yet proven. In science the word for this is 'hypothesis'.

    You may know there has been a search for a few decades now for a theory that will unify quantum machanics and relativity, to arrive at the so called 'theory of everything'. Its not really a theory of everything, but it would be the closest thing yet if successful.

    When a theory like that is published it cannot contain any internal inconsistencies, and to be accepted it must also survive the test of empirical evidence.

    You assume God exists, you see we have a moral sense, and then you say God must have put it there. I only see the moral sense - I dont see any evidence that your God put it in me.

    When there is a phenomena that you cannot explain and you then say, God is the explanation, the next logical step towards understanding is 'what is god and how did he make this happen?

    One problem with doing this is that it cuts off any posibility of further discovery. For example, if mankind as a whole had accepted the explanation of the movements of the planets and stars in the sky as 'God makes it happen', we would never have discovered how they actually move. We would be left with the question' what is god, and how does he makes the stars move' because no one has ever been able to provide a good answer to that.

    This is why it is more simple to accept that some things we do not yet understand, and possibly may never understand than to say God is the reason.

    I have not once claimed in this discussion that it is impossible for God to exist.I think I have probably covered all the points you raise here previously.I can understand why one might begin to wonder if there was a designer, but after centuries of wondering there is still no good evidence that there is - despite the fact that it would be incredibly easy for an all powerful god to provide such evidence.

    For God to be the creator of everything good he must first exist himself. No one here has provided evidence of the standard required by modern science that there is a God of any sort. Hence God is not the creator.

    What happens if you are wrong? have you considered that you will go to hell of the gods of papua new guinea, or be tormented in hades. Or the Hindu equivalent?

    what happens if i am wrong about god when i die? If the true god is a christian god then i will go to hell (that is what happens isnt it?). If the true god is Zeus, or Thor, or Vishnu Im not sure what will happen - they probably have a different set of rules, and the same goes for all the hundreds of other gods if one or all of them happen to be real (the aztec gods, the eqyptian gods, the roman gods and so on).

    Im not afraid of these scenarios, although maybe thats just because im not near death. If fear of what might happen is why i should believe, then logicaly I should believe in the god that promises the worst and scariest punishment to non believers. Im not sure if the christian god meets that criteria - the point is moot. Anyway, i dont think that fear is a good reason to believe on anything, and is certainly not evidence that god exists.

    Here are some contradictions in the bible:
    Genesis 1 and 2 disagree about the order in which things are created, and how satisfied God is about the results of his labors. The flood story is really two interwoven stories that contradict each other on how many of each kind of animal are to be brought into the Ark--is it one pair each or seven pairs each of the "clean" ones? The Gospel of John disagrees with the other three Gospels on the activities of Jesus Christ (how long had he stayed in Jerusalem--a couple of days or a whole year?) and all four Gospels contradict each other on the details of Jesus Christ's last moments and resurrection. The Gospels of Matthew and Luke contradict each other on the genealogy of Jesus Christ's father; though both agree that Joseph was not his real father.

    A circular argument is one in which the outcome is assumed from the beginning, obviously if you assume the result you want from the start you do not have a valid argument. You may have simply not stated you argument very clearly, merely giving the impression of circularity.

    To avoid circular argument you must start from the null hypothesis, ie that you do not know that god exists. Then you must use the various facts at your disposal, and a bit of logic to show why these facts inevitably show that god does exist.

    let me take you back to Mr.Einstein
    His specialty was physics, and in his lifelong study of physics he never discovered anything, or claimed to have discovered anything which shed light on the question of the existence of God.

    My standards for evidence are high, but no higher than required for other big claims - such as the theory of evolution.I did not say or claim evolution is 100% proven, I say it is proven beyond reasonable doubt. It would take very dramatic evidence to overturn the enormous weight of evidence we have in favor of evolution.

    Others have said thy see evidence of God all around them. I do not think all evidence is equal, it is obvious that some types of evidence are stronger than others. The weakest evidence is your own private belief and opinion. It would be a strange world indeed if we accepted every persons opinions as truth.

    I say the simplest choice is atheism because it adds no complexity to the already awesomely complex nature of the universe. When someone claims that God is the explanation for something they always left unanswered a more mysterious problem than whatever it was they were trying to explain.

    For example, quantum physics is very strange. It is more strange to explain quantum physics by saying God makes it work this way, because there is no explanation of how God could achieve this, or how God himself came into being.

    religious people dont generally think that god is trying to trick people into thinking he doesnt exist, quite the opposite. Religious people say God has come into the world to tell us to believe in him. They go on to back this up with religious texts such as the bible. But when i take a look at the evidence that religions provide that god exists and made the world and so on i find it lacking. That is the reason I do not believe in any god.

    It would be strange if we had to believe in anything that we do not have proof that it does not exist. For example, you have no proof that I do not have three heads - does this lack of proof mean that you should believe I have three heads? of course not.

    Do you proof that i am not god himself, and i am just testing your faith? No you do not have proof that i am not god. By your logic this means that you should believe that i am god. Again ridiculous.
    i wont even get started on Noah. even a small child could find incredible reasons to doubt that myth. yes, all the animals on earth were within waking distance of noah's house. but let me guess, you will tell me that before the flood all animals were herbivores and noah did it with god's help.

    the bible, a book filled with so many stories of mythical proportions, that they are clearly myths, in which a unicorn is mentioned. but since unicorns are clearly mythical creatures, you then go and find examples of one horned animals who the (unknown) authors of those biblical must have been referring to. AD HOC. you think if he had seen a deer with one horn, he might say, "a deer with one horn". are you biblical literalist?
    ps. miracle hand crafted by god? so god is responsible for the genetic mutation that caused that deer to have one antler? because of his deformity, he will not be able to compete with other males for mates. in fact, he will probably severely wounded by an antler from another male deer, who has two antlers. as a result, not only will he fail to reproduce offspring, he will most likely die of his injuries from combat during mating season. what a miracle!

    The bible contains many internal inconsistencies, and so is not acceptable as good evidence for the existence of god. It may have been good evidence 1000 years ago, when science was not much good, but it doesnt match up anymore.

    I have never thanked god for anything. In my life there is no god, never has been and never will be. I think jesus was a real (Normal) person though and he had a vision to give people hope, but i don't think it got through and was twisted in very strange ways.
    No I don't believe in ghosts (atheist, naturalistic world view).I don't believe what you believe but if you find it comforting, great. By throwing reason and sense to the wind you are suddenly free to join with vast communities of others that seek comfort in crowds of like minded (if you can really call it a mind) people. Religion has tremendous benefits for many people - otherwise it wouldnt exist, but sadly is about as far from reasonable as you can get.

  14. Dear V,
    I appreciate the effort that you have put in to explain me your point of view....

    But all I understand from facts provided by you is the only fact that you have closed all the doors of belief within yourself, and that there is no possibility that you have left open for me to open that door....

    You want to make me believe that you are so rigid, that you will in no case want to are simply telling me that there isnt a teeny tiny possibility that you may open that door of yours!

    And while you ask me for that proof of God's existence, I want to ask you about what prrof you have that the theory of relativity was penned down by einstien....and that letter that you were referring to was indeed written by Eienstein himself and not by someone who wants to play a joke!!!! Think about it....anything that is published is often not the truth itself....

    And lastly....all I can say is that God appears to those who just want to believe....for is anything else except Him!
    A similar thing is beautifully depicted in the movie called "The Polar Express", where the sound of a reindeer bell is heard only by those who Believe in it....for was merely a round thing....Vikram, open the doors of the belief system in yourself, and you will realise that the world is a much better place then it seemed....I am not asking you to do something that is out of the world....Just Believe, and see the difference for yourself!!!!

    That Is All I Would Like To Say!!!!

  15. it's not's the lack of evidence m8..that's speaking here.
    my door will open if i see the evidence.I believe in anything that has evidence to support it.

    If you chose to believe then I won't try to stop you; but stop acting like your hands are clean and stop trying to shove your religion down our throats. Believe what you will; but know that the world sees through the lies.

    Nearly all wars fought are fought because of religion. think about that. don't try and say otherwise; look way back at the conquests where thousands were brutally raped, murdered, sold into slavery, and tortured by none other than YOUR PEOPLE. In the bible god is responsible for more deaths than any other. Genocides have been committed and are still BEING committed because of religion. Religion only leads to have more blood on your hands than any atheist.
    All you do is attempt to brainwash and convert everyone. the church,the temples,the ashrams,are all about money now.

    gonna post my next post on this matter...
    peace man

  16. You take everything in such a wrong my comment and tell me when did I use the word RELIGION....

    You assume so much that it makes everyone see how confused you are from your mind....I was never talking about my religion....nor did I ever try to convert you or anything of that matter....

    There are things for which evidence is not required....but I think describing and making you understand about this to you is enough now....!!!!

    And yes, finally....I would again like to appologise if I ever implied to you that I was talking about my religion....or anything of that matter....I donot relate God to religion....I believe in God....may He be of any religion....I just need to believe that there is someone who is looking out for me always....and that is all I want or hope for!!!!

    Anyway....I will be commenting on your latest post really soon....havent read that till now....hope to do that soon enough!

  17. //If you chose to believe then I won't try to stop you; but stop acting like your hands are clean and stop trying to shove your religion down our throats. Believe what you will; but know that the world sees through the lies.//

    this was not intended to you..but to all those preachers.
    The people who use loud speakers to spread their religion.They are what i say they are.

    this idea of faith - in a nutshell believing in something despite the lack of evidence. Once you open that door who knows what will float in. If I abandon all reasonableness I can believe in anything - and thats just silly.

    i enjoy questioning beliefs i consider wrong. and i think the world would be a better place if everyone abandoned religion, therefore it is the right thing to do to ask these questions.

    how many religious parents who are happy let their chidlren grow up to discover religion for themselves? Not many - do you think they are doing the wrong thing by teaching their children to believ in God? I do.

    what are u scared of?? u need someone to look out for you always...?? Get back your confidence man.

    peace buddy and *bearhug*

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  20. hi v, i read that u dont believe in miracles, i know that its very hard to digest something which does not have proof , but we in our life some or the other day , we come across situation , where life gets lost into despair , and its some miracle(the one word u dont believe)that let u to think yes it was a miracle , it is clear that unles u experience something u never believe it , so read bellow and u will come to know what happened with the girl and hope it will insist u to make a taught over it ...................................................................Have you ever put a 100 rupee bill away for a rainy day and then forgot you had it? Then you are in the grocery store and, you are 500 rupees short, so you put something back and are really embarrassed about it. A few days later you remember about the 100 rupee bill but because you forgot you had it in your wallet -it was of no value to you. You had it all the time, but because you didn't use it -- it was of no value to you.

    That 1000 rupee bill is like God's word. You have it but sometimes you forget to use it. Many people grumble that God seems to heal others and bless others and prosper others but He never does it for me. We begin to concentrate on what we don't have - instead of what we do have.

    God has given the same Word to each of us -- His Word is for you as much as it is for me. The secret to receiving from God is to remember what you already have. You have healing and freedom and victory and authority and all the blessings of Abraham -- they are already yours. You just need to apply them to your life.

    I grew up in a minister's home and heard about God's faithfulness all my life -- I witnessed healings as this was a major part of my dad's ministry and saw God's blessings first hand on a regular basis.

    As a young girl of 10 God called me into ministry and was very specific as to what that ministry would be. Portions of that have already been fulfilled. God had a lot of things to teach me and I had many things to learn. I made a lot of mistakes and had some pretty awful things happen to me. There were times when I didn't think I would make it and wasn't even sure if I wanted to.

    One thing is absolute - God's word is true - it never changes and God is faithful to His Word. Because of my upbringing and the knowledge I had acquired over the years - I kept getting that 1000 rupee bill out of my wallet, learning to tap into what I already had. IF we apply the scriptures to each situation we come up against, instead of APPLYING fear or doubt we will receive what we need.

    I was told in my mid-twenties (after going to many specialists and trying many therapies) that I would have a maximum of 2 years to live. The doctor told me "hysterectomy or death". Even with a hysterectomy, it would only prolong an early death. Instantly, in that doctor's office, without a moment of doubt or fear or hesitation, I jumped up out of my chair and said - NO -- I will walk in here pregnant one day. The doctor then stood up and shook his finger in my face and said - "THEN GO HOME -- SUFFER AND DIE". I knew that God's Word promised me health and life and the ministry he had promised --and no one or nothing was going to steal that from me. Please realize deeply that it does not necessarily take 14 years for an answer or healing to come -- but in my case it did. That was fourteen years of a lot of pain and agony and times when I didn't think I'd see tomorrow. When the pain was the greatest I would groan out my praises to God, because it always feels better to groan when you're in pain. I would lay on the sofa and praise God for my healing and thank him for the child He had promised to give us years earlier. I was ridiculed, made fun of and mocked. Yes, it hurt -- but I knew that God was faithful. There was never any question as to whether or not I would receive complete healing -- the question was only when.

    At the time I had been given up by the medical profession to die, I was also crippled and told if I lived, it would be in a wheel chair. Well, within two years I was completely healed of the inflammation that had been in every single joint of my body. I knew that God would perform a complete work.

    In the meantime, we had adopted a son and in his infancy there were many days that I could not even care for him because of pain. I experienced many black-outs from weakness, pain or from various strong pain medications.

    I often felt like a complete failure -- my husband and I were in full-time ministry, traveling all over the world and here I was suffering. Many times I questioned why it was taking so long - but I never questioned whether or not it would happen. I knew it would -- I knew I would be healed – I knew we would have a child – I knew God was faithful – I knew God’s word was true and I knew it was for me.

    When we would minister to people, I could pray with confidence and believe for their healing without any doubt. I knew God's word was true - He was healing me and someday I would have the fullness of that. He cannot lie.

    One of the most important lessons I have learned in my life is that the cost of disobedience is much greater than the price of obedience. There is a price to pay for obedience. There have been many times when the Lord has told me to do something -- whether it is to speak to someone about Him, or to pray for someone in a way that would be uncomfortable, or most importantly to keep my mouth shut when I wanted to share something, witness to someone or pray for someone when the Holy Spirit said - No, not now.

    But the cost of disobedience is far greater. I have spoken when the Lord said to be quiet and really blew it. I have not spoken when He said to speak and really blew it. These are moments that cannot be taken back. The pain of the knowledge that I was disobedient is terrible. This is one truth that I keep tucked away in my wallet and draw upon often. Learn to listen to God and be obedient to what He is telling you to do -- you will come out ahead. He ALWAYS prepares the way and equips you for what He has asked you to do.

    If I remember that God is always faithful and that if He asks me to do something, He always prepares the way or the heart of someone - then it is easy to be obedient. We have hindsight only - but the Holy Spirit has foresight. So when you learn something, tuck it away but don't forget you have it. God never changes - He is always the same. He healed thousands of years ago and He heals today. He knew you before the very foundations of the earth were laid. He knows exactly how many hairs you have on your head. That is how much He cares for you -- that is how important you are to Him.

    Fourteen years after I got the death warrant -- I walked into my doctor's office -- pregnant. Just as I had told him. Just as God had promised.

    The next 7 months were a real test of faith and perseverance. It was touch and go all the way and the doctors often thought that either the baby or I would not make it. I spent two and a half months in the hospital hearing the negative reports every single day -- then my husband would come in each evening and remind me that God is faithful, He would do what He has promised and to concentrate on that. My daughter and I are both here and I am here today in total and complete health.

    The greatest miracle in my entire life is not the miracle of healing but the miracle that the Lord has taken away the pain, healed the hurt and wiped my slate clean. He allows me to live without guilt or condemnation. The past is in the past and He has set me free from it. He has given me the ability to forgive those who have hurt and been brutal.

    There was a time in our lives when we had it all -- anything and everything that money could buy. I have also been in the gutter and did not have enough hope to make it through the day. But GOD was ALWAYS THERE. HE NEVER LEFT ME.

    I know what it is to have a beautiful home and come home one day and not have one -- to have everything you had in this world taken from you in an act of vandalism. I know what it is to have everything but the shirt on your back taken from you, leaving you homeless and in heavy debt and even in fear for our lives. Not just one time but on two separate occasions. But God has restored all that was taken and we were able to forgive them that hurt us without any hesitation. Therefore we can be free of bitterness, anger and revenge.

    I know what it is to have been physically abused -- beaten and violated and left for- dead in the streets. But God picked me up -- sent an angel of mercy to help me and restored what was damaged.

    I know what it is to have a child for a full year and then have to say good-bye when his birth mother wanted him back -- knowing I would never see him again until eternity. At the same time knowing that the medical profession has said that there is not one chance in a million that I would ever bear children. BUT I know the promises of God and that what He says He will do-He does.

    I know what it is to physically die and be brought back to life by God's healing power and mercy .

    I know the depths of fear so intense that you completely breakdown and lose all touch with reality. I know the dregs of despair that you attempt to take your own life because you see nothing left to live for.

    I know what it is to be persecuted for His name's sake - to the point of total isolation. I know the desperation when you lose family and friends because of someone's maliciousness and lies that you can't "fix".

    BUT I KNOW THE HAND OF THE LORD. I KNOW HE IS FAITHFUL TO HIS WORD. I know what it is to feel His hand in mine -- to look down and literally see the sandals on his feet walking by my side. I have seen my guardian angels protect me when I was running for my life.

    This is why I care. I may have walked the same path you have walked or are walking now. I am here today as a testimony of what God can do for someone. I no longer have a death sentence on my life. I no longer live in pain and agony. I no longer live in fear. I no longer suffer from guilt of the past. God has healed and restored and given me more than 100 fold. He has given me more than I will ever deserve. He has given it to me because He is faithful to his promises -- because I am his child and He loves me. BECAUSE I have learned to tap into what I know to be true and apply it to my life. What He has done for me He can do for you.

    Never let go of what you know to be true. Don't be swayed by circumstances. Be swayed by the truth of God's word. His word tells you that He is your healer, your deliverer, your provider, your source, your friend.

    Start spending the 1000 rupee you put away -- take out the promises of God's word that you know are true and apply them to your life. Begin to look to His promise to you and not to the circumstances that say it will never happen. Begin to stand firmly on the Word -- take your rightful position as a child of the King. Be encouraged that God cares about you intimately. He doesn't give up on you. He will restore what has been taken away.

    so did it make something happen in ur mind if not , go and ask ur mother (do not take it the other way round)that was it not a miracle u to live in her womb for 9 long months , and then u becoming from a baby to a bloody rascal , soory for that but , u go an ask , .....and also all the things that exsists on this earth r a miracles nop one knows where did v(soory we )come from and wher would we go , ,thank you ,

  21. saw your comment just now..

    Allow me to put things in perspective: Someone's cancer going into remission is no miracle, but we can talk when disease suddenly disappears from the face of the earth overnight without help from medical science. Food getting through to a hungry village: human perseverance. Starvation vanishing from earth without a reason overnight: Miracle. One more time: A child is born - science; The spontaneous end of birth defects - Miracle. Got it?

    Einstein said: 'There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.'

    I belong to the first group.

    Many atheists became atheists not because they were born into it (like most theists), rather because we contemplated god in its many forms and decided it just doesn't make an ounce of sense. This isn't a choice, it's fact - a logical proof. We are simply too logical to believe God is anything more than fantasy.

    Drug addicts go through life happy, so would theists suggest we all use drugs and stay home? We would be happy, and not hurting anybody, so where's the harm?
    The harm is the same for believers. They go through life happy, but it's a false, wasteful happiness. Atheists get happiness from family, contribution to society, charity, and truth.
    We strive to be a positive influence in the world, and think each person can - and must - find their own meaning of life. We are thinkers, philosophers, and we thrive on discussion and diversity. We are proud, happy, and most of all, free.

    We seek only the freedom for people to make their choice on their own, free of intervention from the government or public school system. We seek the freedom not to support religion through taxes, forced participation, or special privileges of any kind.

    That being said, your thoughts are your rights, and none of my business. Wear your jewelry, celebrate your holidays, and pray in your house, church,temple or in public if you like. Just don't force your religion on other people. That's what we're all about.

    take care


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