Tuesday, August 17, 2010


the rabbit is stuck in the race for the buck.I am not flowing in any direction.It's been a year now and I haven't got a good job.I thought this phase was like a summer lightning flash but it's been continuously like noise on radio.I have fell backward after a long time.I never thought I would be at this place at this moment in my life.I had had dreams of being a CEO of some company by 2013.That dream seems to far fetched now. I am someone who lives in reality.So I don't get my hopes high usually...coz I've learned the hard way how it hurts when you lose hope,the world just collapses around you.I am judging myself.There are things I want to do for myself for others.Somethings I should have done already.But I could not.It's a dream or nightmare,I can't tell. I've realized that you can never consider all the factors that will effect the equation of life.But Here I am still fighting ,still trying,crawling in this dark endless tunnel...someday someway,maybe late but I will reach where I see myself.Will try to make the best of what I have.

Some people I thought were my friends,talked behind my back.But I am going to have a good laugh at myself and forget it.Still stuck around those friends.Sometimes one just need to laugh at life,right? At least it keeps me sane :D .
Taking steps toward days when I will be at ease,smiling in happier times.

TC guys... I've missed you all.


  1. I resonate with your post in so many ways than one. Not hoping high, falling backward, judging the self....its like a a reflection on water.

    Somebody told me "do something." I am gonna start by trying to figure that one out. Good luck with yours.

  2. @ Cinderella ::

    I am trying my best to figure out too.
    Good luck to you too sis
    bearhugs :)
    take care

  3. Things are going to work out in time... then you will take life by the horn and keep on sailing by!!

    No worries! okay? Things work out when we least expect them to... and for those of you laughing and talking behind your back.. tell them while they are back there to kiss your.......

  4. I had 2 wait for 6 years after my Masters, I am a Prof. 2day, of a Central University. Its a competitive world- try 2 work towards a Ph. D in ur area, & you r sure 2 find a job!
    The Best!

  5. It's been a year now and I haven't got a job.
    Hang tight my friend, things will get better. Its been a hot and very busy summer over here. Actually looking forward to some cooler weather and my kids going back to school.

    Some people I thought were my friends,talked behind my back.

    I know that feeling very well, I try to just smile and keep on going.

  6. @ HannahK ::

    I know they will in time...but that will be too late.

    I know Worrying is a waste of emotional reserve.

    haha :P I don't confront friends.Even the fake ones. Will leave them at their misery.

  7. @ Rain girl ::

    khush kaun hai duniya mein...

  8. @ Smita Tewari ::

    But I don't want to do Phd. I don't want to keep studying forever.
    I don't want this life of rat race... trust me I don't. I wish I was not attached to people in my life.I could have been so free then.

  9. @ Beach Bum ::
    I am right there on the edge...but I am laughing.

    we all love cool weather don't we ? :)
    How are the kids doing ?

    I am going but where...I don't know now.

  10. Hi Rainboy!
    U know it’s darkest just before sunrise?
    The highest peak...just before the wave’s crest breaks!
    Hang in there!
    Sometimes just before our best of moments come worst of confusions...
    We realize that later...ask me, with the way things had been just before I took some major decisions a couple of months back!

    It will work out!
    A give u credit for being stronger than this!
    And u’ll be smiling ur way through things that work for u!
    All the best!
    Always there in case u need an ear!:-)

  11. @ suruchi ::

    It sure is darkest just before sunrise. But What if this is not the darkest time...maybe the worst is yet to come.

    I may hang till I die...

    Maybe it will ,maybe it will not.Maybe I will tread on some new path.
    I am laughing at life...and we when it's time to ...I will go out laughing.

    I guess I need an ear every other day now.

    Thanks for being here
    Take care :)

  12. I can very well understand what feeling stuck is like. I have a job, but I hate it so!! people say, stick on, and stuck I am! I wish, I could tooo race to the top I was meant for! felt like heart to heart talk. will keep checking in :)

    ~ Purvi

  13. i feel out of place here, content with my job... but does it matter?? i know you cannot sustain on love, affection and fresh air and that's why hang on, do something.. do anything.. and keep reminding yourself that your goal is still waiting..

  14. @ Purvi ::

    You hate it and you're still in that must be in just for buck right ?? maybe that's why you're not happy in current job.
    We have to climb step by step to reach the top...for me even reaching the top is nothing...I just want to accomplish certain things in time.

    Thanks a lot for reading.
    Take care :)

  15. @ Phaedrus ::

    I am hanging ...and I will.
    But there are these chains that are hard to break,they are weighing me down.I am fighting with every bit of reason in me,but it won't matter to them.
    I know my goal didn't turned out to be as near as I thought ...but I can still reach it,I am not willing to give it up,no matter how long it takes.
    Cheers and LOL at life.


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