Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's day .

MY DAD and MOM on their honeymoon in Nainital.

Sometimes the ending brings you back to the beginning.
I traveled evil roads
and dark fucking routes
I've been to evil places
and loved the evil pleasures
I've wanted to taste those evil lips of my fantasies
It's mostly evil that I have done
it will haunt me forever
I don't want forgiveness
and I won't beg you to please forgive me like someone weak,
because I don't think I've sinned
somewhere there may be angels singing and devils laughing...
and I don't believe in all these fucking assholes and destiny writers called 'GODS'
I've just been what I am.I am doing my best to smile and always having fun.
But some one keeps shouting,"father" in my head.
I miss you sometimes not everyday not every month....just sometimes.
I am being honest here ...that's all.

On 25th it's going to be Eight years since you left me.I miss you dad.


  1. But some one keeps shouting,"father" in my head...

    me too...


  2. bearhugs sis
    I miss him and his love.

  3. That is an awesome tribute ther:))

  4. @ Pria :

    I don't think taht this is awesome. Just a day to let my thoughts out.

    Thanks Pria

    Take care

  5. That was wonderful V, And looking at that picture, reminds me of looking at your sister and you. You two both pay a lot of resemblance to your parents.

    Happy Father's Day, to all the father's out there. In ours, we have some wonderful Fathers.

  6. Nice way you've put your feelings, still keeping you head high. I love you no regrets attitude. All the best buddy.

  7. gr8. sweet luv of a boy for his father... nice one frnd

  8. Hey Rainboy...
    It’s sooooooo touching...
    Minus the sugar coating...brutally honest to the point of being painful...
    And in its own way...special!

    After tasting the evil lips of fantasies, the realization of something pure in reality is even greater!
    It is so honest n heartfelt that it deserves the longest of hugs for u....
    Been there, done that...where you are now, is what truly matters:-)

  9. @ HannahK ::

    thanks Ne :)

    yeah Happy Father's Day, to all the father's out there...we had wonderful fathers for sure...though I realized it late.

  10. @ The Enduring Spirit :
    thanks for reading bro...
    take care

  11. @ deepa kashyap :

    Thanks Deepa :)


  12. @ Mayz :
    bearhugs cloneman :D

  13. @ Anonymous ::
    Thanks dear. :)

  14. @ suruchi :

    I like to be brutal..coz that's what truth is :)

    longest of hugs to you too friend...

    I am at home ...leaving for a mountain trip with friends tomorrow. Will be back in 4-5 days...
    keep missing me :D hhahah

    take care

  15. @ My Friend of Misery ::
    hugs friend :)

  16. Fathers.

    This post leaves me speechless. Some entities stand outside the capacity of being encapsulated in a mere whirlpool of words.

    Long long ago I'd made a trial. Though I know it was no where closer to what I wanted to say of express.

  17. i had tears in my eyes when i finished reading the post.

    anyways am here after long n like always i am touched by yur post...take care buddy.

  18. sometimes happen all the time....

  19. Poignantly put.

    Peace. take care. Be well.

  20. I liked it but i dont think i understood it cmopletely.... felt like there was too much to say and there were many hidden incidences...

  21. This was a great piece V, sorry it took me so long to drop by my friend.

  22. Hi Rain, you wrote this poem with a deep feeling
    of earnest-ness and honesty.

    Your parents look like cinema stars.

  23. back to this place after eons!! and right away i find the point blank, blatantly in-your-face honesty.. bro, i cannot say anything about the post, cos it is too personal and too emotive for me to even begin feeling about..

    but you definitely rock!!!

  24. i must say that photo of your parents is a joy to behold. it's a visual poetry alone that transcends time. plus your poetry makes it immortal...

  25. I gazed at that photograph for long!
    Keep smiling through the ups and downs..

  26. @ (¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) ::

    We all miss the ones we lost,sometime.

  27. @ Cinderella ::

    I read your post a long time ago.

    YOU said it all sis.

    take care

  28. @ Gazal Bharadwaj ::

    Thank you for reading ...
    take care :)

  29. @ Mysterious Mia ::

    I have missed reading you too. I will try to be more frequent.

    Take care n be good.

  30. @ myslykemeeh ::
    Sometime happens sometimes :P

  31. @ Vee ::
    I will Big B. Where have you been ? I have missed talking to you.

  32. @ Tings ::
    yes there were many hidden incidences.Can't share them all here.

    Thanks for reading...

    Take care n be good

  33. @ Beach Bum ::

    Thanks mate...
    Look at how long it has taken me to reply back to you :P

    take care bro

  34. @ Toi :
    Thanks a ton and welcome here :D

    just something I had to let out.

    They were awesome in their days :D

    take care

  35. @ Kartz ::

    Thanks man

    I have missed you.

  36. @ Phaedrus ::

    thanks man... What was keeping you away :P

    take care n be good bro

  37. @ the spool artist ::

    That's a wonderful comment.
    Thanks a lot friend.
    parents are immortal for us... :)

    take care

  38. @ indicaspecies ::

    When I smile I look like devil :P hahaha

    take care


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