Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I see

when I gaze into her eyes,
I see an ocean of love
and a magical dove

I see...

Into a bright future,
a lovely nature
beneath the stars
lovers waging wars
            an enchanted bliss
                    a slow kiss

magic in the air
her graceful flair
the sweetest secrets
no regrets
happiness surrounding
kisses pounding

the wonderful the beautiful
the endless and the dream.

This post is for someone I love,
witnesses are The night, the moon, and the stars up above ;D.


  1. ME LIKES IT!!! Kisses pounding? Talk about the passion! lol I love this V, Really sweet and from the heart!

  2. lucky her to be showered by such words. lucky you to be able to love so passionately

  3. @ Hannah K :

    I am glad that you liked it.
    hahaha pounding kisses,Now how did I come up with this?;)

    Yeps, this came absolutely from the heart.
    I love her more then anything.

    I am so happy
    ((Bearhugs)) NE

    Take care

  4. @ Mayz :

    Lucky me to have found her.
    You were right a long time ago when u said that the memory has been created.

    bearhugs bro

    Take care

  5. Heyyy!!!
    Mast likha hai tune:)
    Kaha tha itne din?
    Hows everything going?:)

  6. :) not everyone is as lucky as you and for that you should celebrate every minute of togetherness with her!

  7. @ Gauri :

    Thanks friend.
    I was a little busy.
    Everything is awesome as always.

    Take care

  8. @ Divaa Divine :

    I Know.I am very very lucky.
    We will be together someday.I will wait for that day.

    Thanks DD

  9. Pounding kisses....interesting !

    Loved it!

  10. Totally awesome words Vicky.

  11. @ Cinderella :

    *blush blush ;D

  12. @ Priya :

    Thank you Priya.
    I like them a lot ;)

  13. Beautifully expressed.
    Enjoy all the seasons n flavours of love :)

  14. wow... every girl would love her guy writing poems for her.. a dream! :)

    it was lovely

  15. @ shas :

    Welcome to rain-ville :)

    I am enjoying all the seasons ...flavors I have yet to taste ;)

    take care

  16. @ Crazy Diamond :

    I don't know about that .I just love to write for her. She's not a magician but a magic ;D

    take care And thanks for being here after a long long time hehehe

  17. You have always been a great poet but my friend I think you are getting even better.

  18. @ beach bum :

    Thanks Bro. I am just a normal guy in love ;D .

  19. "An enchanted bliss...a slow kiss"
    That's called bringing things to life through words!
    Brilliant expressions!
    N I also loved your comment in which you say "she's not a magician...she's magic" if only there were more lovers like you:-)

  20. @ Suruchi :

    Thank you Thank you :D

    No words are enough to describe her,I maybe writing poems till eternity,they won't be enough.Nothing can do justice to her beautiful mind and soul.
    Hahaha We're rare but there are more...just waiting round the corner.

    Take care
    Have a nice weekend.

  21. @ raingirl :

    HEhe haan bilkul ...ek na ek din yeh to hona hi tha.

  22. Well, Speechless. What do I say? This poem, this thought, this whole Story is wonderful. I cannot believe I did not see this on your fb until now.

    You weaved your magic with this one. nice and on a journey that I would love to close my eyes and see it being replayed over and over again.


  23. @ The Enchantress :

    This story is a fairytale.And remember all fairytale have happy endings.
    You made it here and that is all that matters :D

    I am not the one with magic ;) .
    It plays in my mind everyday.

    Take care n be good

  24. Simply beautiful poem!
    I like your poetry a lot :)

  25. @ short poems :
    Welcome here Rekha.
    The poetry,it's like my 'soul' out here.

    take care

  26. Being in love shows a person who he/she should be. Not everyone can express the feelings experienced when in love. All the best and wishing you much happiness.:)

  27. magic in the air
    her graceful flair.....


  28. @ indiaspecies :

    Love is expression on one's values. Ain't it ? :D

    Thank You n hugs

  29. @ surbhi jain :

    Thanks dear ...words can never be enough.

  30. @ MAria :

    I knew you would .
    Take care :)

  31. Ah wonderful, beautiful and most importantly endless! Nicely put bro.. Congratulations on finding eternal love in this lifetime.:)

  32. @ The Enduring spirit :

    Thanks man :D
    I never thought I would but Life's funny.

    take care


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