Sunday, June 14, 2009

this week...

I am continuing from my last post...
So,we started our process training,we had to give 12 compliance test.It was so boring...i don't know why Dell ppl made us go through it.It was a waste of time.
We teared down desktops ans laptops and assembled them again.For three days we did this and in between had lots of fun, listening to paranormal experiences of my classmates.SOme of those stories were so childish hehe...,I have never believed in ghosts and spirits,so,it was so much fun pulling there leg.
We even watch the exorcism of emily rose videos on you tube.One girl started weeping.And i was like why do u watch this stuff when u can't handle it lolz

anyways,the cafeteria vendor has changed and the food he serves tastes yuck...
But i have no other option, I have to eat that yucky food.The other day the plates were dirty so i complained to vendor and still the next plate i got was same,that was enough for mei have sent a mail to facilities people.

And I have moved to delhi now.I live in lajpat nagar.It's so full of life.That's where my sis lives.My prime reason to move there.I met her for lunch yesterday after long long time.It was wonderful.I am so lucky to have a sis like mine.
I saw 'Angels and demons' yesterday and i loved it.It was all about science vs religion.My fav topic and I got my first salary on friday...yipeeeee,it feels so good.
I am going to send all of it to my mom.I wanted to do this for a long long time.
take care people i will catch ya again next week.


  1. V I am so happy that you have moved somewhere that you are happy.

    And I think it is wonderful that you are going to send it to your mom!! That is sooooooo awesome! Your a great son! and You are lucking to have a sissy like you got!!


  2. you are a good son my dear. Sending ur salary to Mom. Good for you...

    Its always some women who takes our salary, first as a mom, then wife and sometime as sister or friend, then as a daughter..

    We are just regular jebronis...

  3. m glad ur in a happier 'place' now :)

    And yes mums n sisters will always stick by u no matter what. Kudos to em!

    And u look GREAT in the pics WOW! ;-)


  4. 'For your pleasure m sharing them'. =)
    I'm really happy that you're happy..and moving on.
    cheers to that!

  5. Good feel to make an earning, eh? Its like none other!

  6. whoa bro!!! that is so awesome...n u r like d perfect son...well proud of ya :)

  7. first salary.... me wants treat...

    and did anyone tell you that you look real cute :P :)

  8. I too started with Dell.. Old memories.. :)

  9. I am glad you have some great friends you have made through your work.

    Seems like you all have a lot of fun. I would have shoved that plate back into that vendors face for giving me a dirty plate. All he had to do was wash it. God people and their hygiene.


  10. Just read the other post too... I share your happiness. :)

    I wish you well in your endeavour, bro'. Take care, and I needn't say this, yet - live each moment...

    Peace. Be well.

  11. @ Ne

    thnak you Ne...
    i am nothing ,just a timid wide eyes rabbit.

    tc n cheers

  12. @ Ye manzilen !!

    agreed sir,agreed


  13. @ Keshi

    thank you dear...
    they will always be with me i know.


  14. @ Cяystal

    yeps, i am goody good these days.

    tc every1

  15. @ Rakesh Vanamali

    yeah, at last...after studying this feels so good.

  16. @ rain girl

    hugs sis...thamks...

  17. @ Mayz

    thanX bro...
    there are so many things i have to little time i have.

    cheers to us

  18. @ Mys Lyke Meeh

    at last u came bacl...

    how have u been stone?

  19. @ Phoenix

    the pleasure will be mine..all of

    cute... ummm yeah... rabbits are supposed to be cute...


  20. @ Vee

    like BigB ...i am following in ur footsteps.

  21. @ The EnCHANtress

    i knew u were going to say that.

    cheers and hugs

  22. @ Kartz

    thank you mate

    i am happy one moment and sad the very next instant...
    need to get a grip of things...


  23. Sending allllllllllll of it to mom...whoa..or rather, wow!

    Hey, do give a thought of spending allllllll of your next salary on travels, ok?;)


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