Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Happy b'day to me N my blog...

Hi ever1,
hard to believe but it's already been a year :D
it has been a journey that i will cherish for ever.I met a lots n lots of gr8 people,who were so kind to me and made me feel loved.You guys were always here for me..not matter how stupid i sounded or how foolish my actions were.
When i look back and see what i was a year ago..i can't believe that i have this attitude now.I am so in love with myself...yes yes yes it's true,i love u but i love me more ;D
There are some special ppl who shaped my life and i can't thank them enough.
This post would not be complete without naming you guys...
my clone,my bro: heymayz,an arian to the core...thanx a ton bro,BTW you were the first one to wish me bearhugs! big B Vee,he's the big b i always missed in my life.Those talks still echo in my mind sometimes beeRhugs bro!
...met sisters,Cindy my biggest critic and fan, thank you sis,your comments are precious to me.
Sameera,sho sweet sis,always scolding me...i miss reading u a lot sis...come back plzzz
phoenix,she's so caring and helpful,always there for you.i still remember those talks with u sis.
runnerfrog, such an intelligent person he is,i just love his artistic works,a rare gem.
Sid,u bro,me n u always argue,making me see the things the way i should see them.i love his poems,so simple so deep.
preeti,whenever someone pushes me into corner,i call her.She's so gr8 with words,she can kiLL ppl with a line.
Joie,such an innocent soul,my future boss,shoo sweet person,Loves 'jalebi'!see u in nov dear;)
Ne,she changed my perception about blondes ;D.Gonna have tequila shots someday girl...thank you for being there and making me laugh.
MysLykesMeeh,she kept me walking in the right direction,giving me confidence to move on.Thank you dear.
chan,party animal to the core,out of the world attitude,& she sleeps like a baby,rest i am still trying to figure
frenchess i still remember the first time we talked,a cool person and so full of happiness.

Thanx to all who ever visited me...forgive me if i forget your name...still under the influence of green fairy...
i have to tell you all about my b'day ,i will- in coming posts...also there was a tag that i was supposed to do today,but i am really i will make sure i post a gazillion things about me next time.

tc ppl
and you stalkers i will catch ya soon... ;D