Saturday, May 17, 2008

oh my gad...

this post took so long to come...and i didn't even realized it...last few days i haven't done anything constructive but even then they just went by so quickly.
and everyone says so that i'll do gr8 ..but you know the pressure is too much ..and i i am getting totally bogged down ..anyways ...a lot has been going on in my mind for some time now.

Haven't Completed any subject till now and the exams are so close..wasted so many days and with them wasted so many chances to make so many things right.The exams are starting from 24th May and will be tormenting me till 14th June this is going to one hell of a ride his time..keeping my fingers crossed (although i don't believe in these superstitious things :-)).

I guess it's all upto me now.

Ps: One of my old friend came back after we broke up last March,and i am really excited about it. lol...


  1. "wasted so many chances to make so many things right."

    we all do that..and that is how we learn na...

    :) now pull up your socks and show them all what makes you YOU!!!


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